Loan Services

  GH Finance strives to meet the different financial needs of every client regardless of the loan amount.


What are the channels through which applicants can apply for a loan?

  • Telephone application

  • Online application

  • Text message application

  • In person at our office

What are the steps involved in applying for a mortgage or loan?

  • Apply instantly through phone, fax, online or process the application in person at our office.

  • Preliminary examination and approval

  • Submit the relevant documents

  • Information such as the final approval, interest and loan amount, etc. and signing of loan agreement.

  • Fill in all the necessary documents and receive cash immediately.

What are the documents that are needed to be submitted in general when applying for a loan?

  • Hong Kong identification

  • Proof of residential address within three month (water bill, electricity bill, gas bill or bank letters, etc.)

  • Proof of income within three months (income statement, tax form, bank statement or proof of CPF contribution)


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