How would I know if your company has obtained the moneylender license?


Gain Hero Finance Limited possesses a moneylender license and complies with the stipulations for registration in the Hong Kong Legislation Article 163 “Moneylender Regulations”. You can find our registration number on our company’s website.


What factors does GH Finance base on to assess the highest loan amount for the property?


We have a complete property evaluation system to assess the highest loan amount based on factors such as the property’s location, age, estimated transaction price, borrower’s evaluated income and repayment ability.


If the property is co-owned by two or more proprietors, can only one of the proprietors apply for a loan?


Yes. The personal loan for proprietors that “GH Finance” offers allows joint property owners to apply for the loan individually.


What is net interest? What is principle plus interest? What is the difference between the two modes of repayment?


Net interest:

Pay only the interest every month and repay the principle in full at last instalment including the interest of that month.


Principle plus interest:

Repay the principle and interest every instalment, just like paying for a property through bank loans.


If I am currently serving a loan with GH Finance, can I apply for a revolving loan?


Yes, you can. If you are already a GH Finance customer, we will set up a reserve loan amount for our customers to save on the procedure of check and approval again. This would be helpful for proprietors in urgent need of funds.


Will my application for a loan be disclosed?

Absolutely not. The applicant’s information is kept in strict confidentiality according to the stipulations of the personal information (privacy) regulation. In order to ensure that our customers are able to receive quality and reliable property loan services, we would commission large-scale law firms in Central to process the loan.


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