GH Finance understands every family's desire for quality of life. Therefore, we strive to develop services related to residences, with an aim of helping every proprietor and family own a home through our mortgage loan services.


We developed our business based on four major pillars, namely:

      Work Environment

  • Encourage continued education

  • Development of the staff

  • Regular recreational activities

  • Equal opportunities

  • Staff’s well-being and safety

      Market Relations

  • Quality products & services

  • Promote connections in Industry

  • Update market information actively for Clients

  • Protect the Clients' personal Information

      Community Services

  • Participate actively in charity activities

  • Donate to welfare organizations

  • Encourage the industry to be involved in social services

      Environmental Protection

  • Promote awareness for environmental protection

  • Indoor thermostating and energy-saving

  • Waste classification and disposal

Work Environment


GH Finance emphasises the personal development of our staff and supports their continued development by providing all kinds of job related training from time to time.  We are happy to coordinate the working schedule with our staff, allowing them to undergo continued education.

We also pay attention to the physical and mental development of our staff. We offer various recreational activities on a regular basis, including: Healthy Lunch Day, Pets Fun Day, Parent-Child Volunteering as well as the promotion of a work-life balance culture. We hope every member of staff is proud to be part of the GH Finance family by improving the co-operation amongst departments through staff activities.

Market Relations


GH Finance holds credibility, professional integrity and business ethics in high regard.

We uphold the spirit of putting our clients first, actively seeking their feedback and strive to offer our clients “Professional, Efficient and Reliable” services. We pay attention to the developments in our industry, and share common directions of development with our peers on a regular basis.

Community Services


GH Finance is dedicated to fulfill our social responsibility, we believe this is not just our duty, but it will also bring about more opportunities for developing our business.  We encourage our staff to take part in the community services, therefore, we have setup a “GH Volunteer Team”, which gives our employees a channel to make contributions to our community.

Environmental Protection


GH Finance is highly concerned about environmental protection, in order to protect our Earth, we carry out “Green Office” initiatives to reduce the amount of waste. This is done through recycling, re-use and waste classification.


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